Visual Studio Code is a popular, free, cross-platform IDE developed by Microsoft. It has become my favorite IDE to develop with.

Visual Studio Code is highly extensible and has a marketplace full of free extensions that extend the functionality of Visual Studio Code.

I've compiled a list of my essential Visual Studio Code extensions and a few more.


Settings Sync

In my opinion this is first extension you should install.

I often find myself switching between my multiple laptops and desktops when I’m coding. Trying to keep all my extensions and settings in sync has always been a challenge.

This extension copies your vscode settings to Github where they can be shared with other vscode installations running on different computers.

The following settings syncs to Github:

  • Settings File
  • Keybind File
  • Launch File
  • Snippets Folder
  • VSCode Extension Settings
  • Workspace Folder


GitLens is another essential extension. It allows you to get great insights on your codebase.

It helps you to understand why and when a line or codeblock has changed and by whom, explore the evolution of your codebase and much, much more. Just install it now.


GitHistory allows me to visualize change history without having to jump over to my source control management system.


Often I find myself jumping around to different sections of my code. This extension allows me to set bookmarks within my code and to quickly navigate between those bookmarks. Very handly.

Auto Close Tag

The Auto Close Tag extension will add a closing tag. This extension will save hours trying to track down malformed tags. Works with many different languages.

Auto Rename Tag

Similar to the Auto Close Tag extension, the Auto Rename Tag extension does exactly what it says. It renames the closing tag to be the same as it’s corresponding open tag in realtime.


Now there’s no excuse for ugly looking code.

Flatland Monokai Theme

I’ve tried a lot of vscode themes and this dark theme really appeals to me. YMMV.


Great git branching model extension based on the work of Vincent Driessen .

Material Icon Theme

A nice, subtle icon theme for Visual Studio Code.

TODO Highlight

While not a replacement for Jira, this extension will highlight READMEs, TODOs or any other configurable keyword.

Language Extensions


This extension is pure magic. It’s basically a live scratchpad for JavaScript. Highly recommended if you do any type of JavaScript programming.

Import Cost

This extension calculates the size of JavaScript imports and requires. A great extension to have in your toolbox.

TypeScript Extension Pack

I normally don’t like to install bespoke meta packages, but this extension packages up a lot of great TypeScript related extensions that I would have installed anyway.


An extension that makes working with Yarn simple.


An extension for JavaScript testing using the Jest framework developed by Facebook.

Jest Runner

Simple way to to run or debug a single or multiple Jest-Tests from context menu.


json2ts is a VSCode Extension which converts a JSON to TypeScript interfaces.


Integrates the tslint linter for the TypeScript language into VS Code.

TypeScript Refactors

Helps me write better idomatic TypeScript code.


I ❤️ Go. This extensions adds rich Go language support and tooling to vscode. If you develop in Go, get this extension.


I also love .Net Core and this extensions adds C# language support to vscode.

Dotnet Core Essentials

A great companion extension to the C# vscode extension. Adds fantastic Dotnet Core tooling and template support to vscode.

VS Live Share

Another magical vscode extension. This extension enables real-time collaborative development from the comfort of vscode. This extension is still in preview. YMMV.


Dope extension that allows you to interact with your Kubernetes clusters. Some assembly required.


An extension for generating .gitignore files from within vscode.

Share your extensions!

Do you have an extension you think is essential or cool? I’d love to hear about it! Share in the comments below.